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×'s Spring Break season...we're so damn tired of the Winter season. First off, my Tumblr blog, is growing. And by growing, I gaining more followers, and sometimes losing, like half and half. Yeah...of course still on semi-hiatus. You're welcome. Should update my Website and Tumblr, and maybe my DeviantART account as well. Haven't drawn for awhile. Due to the straight that I have 3 important tests to be prepare for. 
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Happy Ragnarok Day, we're not gonna die, so don't shat your pants just yet. As you know, it's the 2nd Semester in my 11th Grade year...and made no progress. Of course my 11th grade year is almost over, or as I call it, Eleven's Hour almost Over now. The clock is ready to strike twelve.

And by the time March is coming in, shit is real now. US History is in May, and my SAT test is on April. Also, on Tumblr, #Blog All The Time is still in effect. The Toonami Liveblog is moving its ending point to 1:30 in the morning, Central Time. Although the Soul Eater block on Toonami is only 4 episodes remain until Black Lagoon takes over. I'm excited for Blue Exorcist to come on after One Piece, I'm ready to watch a new show (i.e. Liveblog). And what else, Under hiatus, more like Semi-Hiatus. Drawings are mostly coming in, some finished, some nearly finished. Don't know when, but you'll wait and see.

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So here we are, 2014, The Year of the Horse...

Photo belongs to The-Art-Fart of DeviantART

And still under on what I should call a "Personal" Hiatus. Even though I don't come back to school until January 7, still lazy, sorry. Still doing some drawings, emphasis on some. So...yeah. And starting on January 4 on my Tumblr page, "Blog All The Time" will take place.

So That's It, Happy New Year 2014 
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So, haven't upload any pictures due to the straight that I've been Super Busy with Tumblr and School, so this Account is under Hiatus until Further Notice...Don't Leave Me!
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Sorry that I didn't upload my recent drawings because I been a little lazy and a Drawer's Block, yes it's a thing, don't judge. Bad News, I'm going back to school on August 26, meaning that the uploads for my drawings won't happen until like...the end of the month, I think? So...yeah...that's about it!

Also, ask me questions at:
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It's Been a Long Week...that's all
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Read at your own sake. Spoiler Alert! If you don't want to be spoiled, DO...NOT...READ!!!

Gravity Falls Episode 19 (Thoughts/Reaction)
Oh…My…God…just wow. This Episode, emotions and plot twists. This Episode will go down as one of the craziest episodes of 2013…just wow, the others are Adventure Time's "Simon and Marcy" and Doctor Who's "The Name of the Doctor." But good luck beating out the new Naruto Shippuden Episode on July 18 and the Ichigo vs. Aizen fight on Toonami in August. Now we wait for Part 2 in August. Three Weeks…I'm not waiting for that much time. But for now…best episode of 2013, in my book.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 321/322 (Prediction/Spoiler) 
The Day is almost cometh for Naruto Anime Fans. Naruto Shippuden is out of cannon. The Episode is coming out on July 18th. It was supposed to be on July 11th, but no new episode on the 11th because of some sort of special. And also a Certain Someone is coming out from the Coffin. Episode 321 is called "Reinforcements Arrive" and Episode 322 called "Madara Uchiha"

Link for the Schedule of Naruto Shippuden in July: Episode List for July 2013

Like River Song from Doctor Who said, "Spoilers" 
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Okay...the Next Two Weeks in both the Naruto and Gravity Falls Fandom...I don't know what I'm about to say. This may include some spoilers...or talking on spoilers. July 12th...The Episode "Dreamscaperers" will be on, and a certain someone or something will be making an Appearance. Same thing on the 18th when the anime of "Naruto Shippuden" returns to Canon. Yes...we've survived the 3 months of Filler, so applaud. 

19-16-15-9-12-5-18 1-12-5-18-20: 2-9-12-12 3-9-16-8-5-18 & 13-1-4-1-18-1 21-3-8-9-8-1
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It's Now July, and Happy Canada Day and Independence Day. God, I need a break. Some drawings will be in by camera, this week...maybe on Instagram, or Flickr, or on this site, more to come
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Summer has Arrived! And the Drawing Supplies are ready. Meaning that I'm now ready for Drawing throughout the Summer. But Right Now...Being Lazy
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So Summer is Here! And I for one, is amazed that I made it to Summer Vacation. So yeah, Happy Summer and have a Safe and Pleasant one you guys and gals
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Weekly Journal: I Hate Finals!

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 8:25 PM
So, I going to take Finals next week (June 3-6) and it's hard! First Period on Monday, no finals until Second Period and so on. And I already know that I'm going to Summer wish me luck :)

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So, Good News, my Tumblr Page has finally reached 100 Followers within the 4 months I am with the Site. I'm in Shock! No, really, I'm in shock! So, I'm happy with this milestone, hope I can get 200!

Wish Me Luck! :D